Advisory Panel

In landscape photography, location and timing are key. Researching and scouting locations is critical for any photographer to be successful in his art. We also understand that every photographer has some unique locations up his sleeve, and we respect that. Hence, we want to help you remember that location with all possible details along with a short note about your vision and composition. As photographers, we have a moral responsibility to keep every location safe and maintained for years to come. So, store as many unique locations in your bucket list as you want, with no public interference.

PicnPlace has been developed by a group of techie friends taking valuable advice from photographer friends. Here is the advisory panel for the PicnPlace app.

Dibyendu Das

In his own words - In essence, I am a landscape and travel photographer hailing from the picturesque wetlands of Barak Valley, Assam. I have been practicing photography for over ten years now and it is safe to say that I have a decent amount of grasp over it. I also have a knack in wildlife photography. I have quite a few accolades and publications bestowed upon me by various national and international associations and magazines respectively.

Saee Bhurke

Saee is a Professional Photographer and aspiring Filmmaker based in Pune, India. Saee is the founder, CEO & Lead Director of Photography of the digital content & media production company The Keen Earthling Studio, also based in Pune. She has been providing professional photography services since 2013 and also has mentored 500+ students in Travel & Nature photography for the last 10 years. Saee's photography work has been published on the covers of many reputed international magazines and has won national & international awards. Saee takes her inspiration for creating visual stories from her passion and love for Travel & Exploration. Saee as an artist is impassionated about Fine Art, Music & Food.

Sachin Deshpande

Sachin is an IT consultant by day, and photographer by night— literally! He lives in the Bay Area, California, and especially loves to shoot landscapes, nightscapes, and architecture. As a kid, Sachin loved to sketch, but as he grew older, found he had a shrinking amount of time to pursue it and found photography, its digital cousin. Now, he is an award-winning photographer in his own right, and hopes to bring the furthest reaches of the universe closer to you all. Sachin also hosts photography workshops and loves to teach the craft to anyone who wants to learn.